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Organizing and Community Building Committee

This committee works toward and supports efforts to build a base of power in impacted communities.


  • This includes fielding volunteers for campaigns, trainings etc.

  • This committee would also be responsible for facilitating the entry of impacted people and orgs (Tenant associations, neighborhood associations, community leaders, impacted individuals) into HJC. As such this committee is tasked with facilitating the entry of potential organic leaders into HJC (and other aligned organizations).

  • The organizing committee should focus on tenant organizing and neighborhood organizations as part of a long term vision of building a base of power for working class tenants and for historically oppressed and marginalized communities in the city in danger of being displaced.

  • Ideally this committee would develop a robust training platform for organizers

  • This committee should be able to identify and build viable organizing campaigns while mobilizing HJC participants to support these campaigns. Focus heavily on building and/or facilitating relationships with other organizations, groups, collectives and entities that also engage in housing organizing.

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