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Policy and Community Research Committee

This committee creates and/or synthesizes existing policy-based demands, produces reports on grassroots conditions in Charlotte that relate to housing (driven by community-input and relations).


  • The work of this committee should have a heavily emphasis on substantive and qualitative data, the stories of people here in the city. This committee should explicitly focus on exploring the reality on the ground and generating scholarly material for dissemination to the public.

  • Members of this committee should be experts in understanding and identifying the zoning and land use process here in Charlotte, Mecklenburg. Issues such as public housing, vouchers, city planning, federal housing policy and other such issues are important for people engaged in this committee.

  • Ideally the policy committee should focus on supporting the overall aims of building a base through organizing by researching complex policy related issues and educating other members of HJC and communities about these issues when necessary

  • Identify particular land use proposals and developer initiatives that will promote displacement and strategize on opposition tactics and a wider opposition strategy with the other committees of HJC.

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